MXB Sub-Committee

Following their purchase of the Farmers Arms in 2014, plus other Village properties since, MXB Devon Operations Limited, have embarked on a substantial programme of alterations and renovations to these properties .


These works works have caused some consternation and disquiet among the general population of the Parish because of the disruption and length time they are taking to complete.


The Parish Council concluded that in the interest of good relations between the Parish and MXB, a Sub-Committee with representatives from the Parish Council and MXB Devon Operations Limited should be established to ensure that there is clear communication and clarity with regards to ongoing and future developments. 

Terms of Reference

Agendas & Minutes

For 2020 minutes, please contact the Parish Clerk


Meeting did not take place, no minutes

Meeting did not take place, no minutes


Agenda 18th January 2022 - No meeting