Woolsery Primary School opened its doors in January 1879. Mr Francis Salter, the first Headmaster commented in the Log Book that reading and writing by the new pupils was reasonable , but, “of arithmetic they know nothing. ” How things have changed!

Woolsery is a thriving school with above average results, an excellent reputation for outdoors learning and a family environment where everyone is valued and values others. Their motto, Learning at the Heart of the Community reflects their commitment to their school community of parents, children, staff and governors and also to our wider community of Woolsery, Bucks, Clovelly and numerous outlying farms and hamlets.

The school has five classes in total, as well as Sun Flowers Pre-school.  For more information, check out their website www.woolsery.devon.sch.uk and the Twitter feed, @woolseryschool

Woolsery Primary School & Sun Flowers Pre-School