Parish Achievements

Congratulations to Graham Shackson

Graham has been involved with Bucks Village Hall for very many years but especially since 2002 when the community made the decision to take over the running of and later purchase the Hall, so that it would be there for everyone in this area for the future.


Graham has worked tirelessly for the Hall and particularly during the past few years when he has not only been Chairman, but also been heavily involved with overseeing the building of the new extension. Other trustees have also been involved in a variety of tasks to do with the completion of this project but if we didn't know better we would probably say that Graham had left home and sited his bed down there because it was almost impossible to go when he wasn't already in situ or arriving before we left. He has done sterling work with the electrics (roping his sons in, into the bargain) thereby saving the Hall a great deal of money.  He has painted, fitted cupboards and carried out carpentry to name but a few of the necessary jobs needed to keep the costs down for the build.


Graham is also there at most fund raising events at the Hall and he is such a lovely warm and welcoming person that he has drawn others into being interested and involved too – surely what community is all about.


I would say that if anyone deserves a community award it is definitely Graham – not just for the nearly 20 years that I have known him but for all the years in his past when he was, amongst other roles:

  • A member of the Lifeboat crew,

  • A Scoutmaster,

  • On Committees such as that of Clovelly Parish Hall for which he served as Chairperson and also that of the Clovelly Athletics Club,

  • School Governor at Woolsey School

  • Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.


He generally makes it his business to look after and support vulnerable and elderly members of our community – taking them to medical appointments, mending equipment and providing transport to name but a few of his self appointed and mostly unsung tasks.


Graham is most definitely our locality champion, greatly deserving of this award in Volunteers' Week and I was honoured to sponsor him for it.


Anne Turner, Fellow Trustee

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